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This hospital, which is one of the equipped and modern hospitals in northwestern Iran, has been built on a land with an area of ​​7,000 m and more than 9,000 m of infrastructure inside Khoy city .

Khoy is one of the oldest centers of civilization in northwestern Iran and the historical market of Khoy is the peak of urbanization and urban planning in the Islamic period. Khoy has been the burial place of many great people in the history of Iran with this historical and cultural background.

Khoy city leads from the north to Mako, from the east to Marand and Aras free zone (Jolfa) and Azerbaijan (Nakhchivan) and from the south to Salmas and Urmia, from the west to Turkey (Van province to the center of Van city)

On the first floor of this hospital, maternity hospital, men and women, pediatric and neonatal hospital, obstetrics and gynecology clinic, dentistry, single-tooth radiology, ophthalmologist, ENT specialist, pediatrician, ECG, men and women injections And there is a doctor's examination and consultation room. On the second floor of Milad Hospital, there is a surgical unit with two general operating rooms, gynecological surgery including pain room, gynecological and cesarean section, natural delivery room, five-bed ICU, four-bed NICU and administrative and financial unit of the hospital. The ancillary buildings of this center also provide waste disposal units, oxygen system, treatment plant, substation, gas station, guard and parking area, and underground parking.

Laparoscopic surgeries as well as cosmetic surgeries under the supervision of surgeons and knee replacement and crushing are among the surgeries performed in this hospital.

Milad Hospital also has departments of physiotherapy, gastroenterology (endoscopy and colonoscopy), imaging (radiology, sonography). Benefit appropriately

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