The importance of the CSR ward in the hospital

As I said, this section is very vital and the way it works is very important to us. Not even a small mistake is acceptable to us. In the CSSR section, all non-disposable equipment and parts used in treatment are completely disinfected and free of any kind. They become germs, viruses and infections

CSR ward Activity Cycle :

After each surgery, the packs and sets for surgery were transferred to the CSR department, and after disinfection by autoclave, plasma, and UV radiation, and success in testing the detector kits, the sets were packed and ready to use. Subsequent surgeries

The last word

We are proud that thanks to the right of excellence and careful management and efforts around the clock, we have succeeded in gaining the first quality level in the accreditation of the hospital, and this is important as a result of observing all quality and health principles. do