Introduction of hospitalized wards

The number of hospital beds in this hospital includes thirty-two beds, which are divided into three sections: surgical hospitalization, obstetrics and gynecology hospitalization, and pediatric hospitalization.

Hospital rooms

Includes double and single VIP rooms. In this hospital, an attempt has been made to observe hotel facilities for all rooms. Includes consoles - uniform and relaxing interior architecture, electric beds, telephone, hand rail, toilet with toilet, bathroom, elderly handles, smart nurse summoning system both in the room and in the bathroom and toilet, night light, Smart ventilation system, antibacterial flooring, thermal break windows, disinfection of rooms by UV system, fire alarm system, refrigerator, folding bed chair and ... In the VIP rooms, in addition to the mentioned amenities, negative pressure ventilation, Wi-Fi, drinks and reception in the refrigerator, free telephone line, patient pack and free food menu are available.

The last word

Our goal is to create peace and satisfaction in the patient and her companions