The importance of the laundry department in the hospital

The laundry ward is one of the most important wards in hospitals. In our hospital, Milad Hospital in Khoy, all washable clothes can be washed from the very beginning by very powerful equipment and washed and free of any kind of pollution.

Washing cycle in the laundry

First, infectious and non-infectious clothes and sheets are separated from each other from the same origin. Infectious clothes are washed by special infectious machines and non-infectious clothes are washed by special machines with first-class materials and dried by modern machines. Delivered to departments

The last word:

You will notice the difference in Milad Hospital with your first experience. When you are here, rest assured that everything is clean and tidy, because the health of patients and their companions is very important and valuable to us, and cleanliness in our hospital is not a slogan but a working principle.