Joint replacement  procedures  services of milad hospital in khoy

Orthopedics in iran

Orthopedics is the most developed medical field in Iran and Iran matches countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan in terms of medical technology and human resources in this field. Not only is the quality of orthopedic treatment in Iran very good, but the cost of these treatments is also very reasonable compared to other countries. This has created an opportunity for orthopedic patients from other countries, especially neighboring countries, to travel to Iran to undergo major orthopedic treatments such as joint replacement or joint replacement surgery.

Apart from providing excellent medical services to international patients, Milad Hospital in Khoy has affordable rates for all classes.

Our motto is Sunrise of health for all people of race and color.

Joint replacement procedures (knee replacement, hip replacement, etc.)

Spine surgery (including laminectomy, microdiscectomy and traditional spinal fusion)


Bone fusion

Soft tissue repair (including meniscus repair, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction, etc.)

Bunion surgery

Rotator cuff surgery


Internal fixation of bones, e.g. femoral fractures

Carpal tunnel release

Cervical fracture surgery


Now, with the development of medical tourism and the growing trend of people traveling overseas for affordable health services, Iran has taken steps to improve medical tourism services for patients who choose the country for health services.
, including orthopedic treatments.

To this end, the Iranian Ministry of Health has established special requirements for hospitals that want to offer services to foreign patients.

Hospitals that meet these requirements are granted permission to establish a special department called the International Patients Department (DPI), dedicated solely to welcoming foreign patients and providing professional health services.

And Milad khoy hospital is one of the hospitals that has an international patient department and all efforts of the people in this hospital are aimed at providing satisfactory service for the patient and the patient accompanying him.

Create a reminder of the ideal treatment for the client.


Due to a wide range of factors, the cost of orthopedic surgery in Iran and khoy city is much lower than in other countries.

Prices for orthopedic procedures vary depending on the surgeon, hospital and type of surgery.

To give you a closer look, here are the average costs of various orthopedic procedures at Milad Hospital in Khoy.

Knee replacement: $2200-$2600

Hip replacement: $2200-$2600

distal femur fracture (cts): $375-$450

Neuroplastic: $360-$450

ACL surgery: $1300-$1600

Bunion surgery: $500-$1000

Internal fixation of bones: $300-$600

Carpal tunnel release: $600-$1000