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Dr.Hojjat Najafi




Full use of all the potentials of the hospital in order to better serve the dear clients - Obtaining the necessary licenses to attract medical tourism and use the potentials of Khoy city - Expanding the medical space and improving the quality of the hospital

Goals in progress

obtaining IPD license 80%
Provide beauty practices with the least 90%
Promote health tourists 75%


PhD: Health Economics

Graduation year: 2019
Tarbiat Modares University of Tehran
Doctoral dissertation: A study and analysis of key factors affecting the attraction of medical tourists in the country with emphasis on the role of selected hospitals of the Social Security Organization of Iran

Master: Theoretical Economics

Graduation year: 2010
Tabriz University
Master Thesis: A Study of the Relationship between Tourism Industry and Economic Growth in Iran


  • English Proficiency - TOEFL PBT Certificate
  • Turkish
  • Azerbaijani
  • Persian

Research plans and reports

  • Determining the tourist value of Tabriz Ail Goli Park using the conditional valuation method (CVM) of Tabriz Azad University, .2011

  • Investigating the economic effects of tourism industry on Iran's economy using Markov-switching technique, Azad University Tabriz, 2011

  • Preliminary feasibility study for the implementation and implementation of health tourism in the Social Security Organization, Higher Research Institute of Supply Social, 2016

  • Perspectives of the Health Tourism Industry in Iran with Emphasis on the Role of Social Security Organization, Tamin International Tourism Agency, 2016

Work and experience records

CEO of Milad Khoy Hospital

Head of the Department of Supervision, Evaluation and Excellence of Medical Services (Social Security Treatment Management)
Master of Budget at the Central Headquarters of the Social Security Organization from 2014 to 2017
Master of Treatment Organization at the headquarters of the Social Security Organization from 2017 to 2018
Representative of the General Directorate of Budget and Organization of the project financing of social security hospitals through related diagnostic groups DRG
Representative of the General Directorate of Budget and Medical Tourism Organization of the Social Security Organization
Director of Health Tourism Department of Tourism Ideas Company
Instructor of applied courses in health tourism at Ataland Institute (Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran)
Director of Health Tourism Department of Tourism Ideas Company
Lecturer at Tehran University of Applied Sciences from 2015 to 2020
Lecturer at Payame Noor Khoy University from 2011 to 2013

Scientific and research activities

  • Opportunity to study abroad (Brazil) entitled "Comparative study of the situation of private hospitals in Brazil and Iran in the field of medical tourism: in 2017-2018.
  • International Conference: Study and Analysis of the Establishment of Performance Based Budgeting System in the Social Security Organization, 8th International Conference on Performance Based Budgeting, Tehran, 2017
  • Scientific-specialized article: Analysis of the situation of the Social Security Organization in the field of health tourism, Social Security Quarterly, 13th year, 2016, No. 46.
  • Scientific-Special Article: Investigating the Relationship between Social Security Organization Expenditures and Economic Growth in Iran, Social Security Quarterly, Year 12, Issue 43, Spring 2014
  • National Conference: Estimating the recreational value and determining the factors affecting the willingness to pay visitors to Baghlar Baghi Park in Tabriz using the two-stage Hackman method, the first national conference on tourism management, ecotourism and geography, Hamedan, 2013
  • Scientific Research Article: A Study of the Growth Hypothesis of Tourism in Iran during 2008-2009, Journal of Economic Research Rah, University of Isfahan, 2011.
  • Scientific Research Article: Estimating the Tourist Value of Tabriz Ail Goli Park Using Conditional Valuation Method, Quarterly Journal of Applied Economics, Year 2, Issue 7, Winter 2011.
  • International Conference: Calculating the Tourist Value of the West Azarbaijan Church Using the CVM Method, the First International Conference on Tourism in Iran, Tehran, 2011.
  • International Conference: A Study of the Relationship between Tourism Industry and Economic Growth in Selected Islamic Countries, International Conference on Economic Convergence, Tehran, 2010.
  • Scientific research article: A study of the causal relationship between tourism industry and GDP in Islamic countries, Journal of Economic Modeling, First Year, No. 4, 2008.

Translated books

  • Reinhard Busseet al (2012), Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe: (Moving toward Transparency, efficiency and quality in Hospitals, McGraw-Hill publication, New York under Publish.

  • Anthony J. Culyer (2005), The Dictionary of Health Economics, Edward Elgar publication, Northampton Massachusetts USA, Under Publish.


Iran - West Azerbaijan - Khoy - Ghazi Tabatabai St. not reached Amir Beyg Square - Milad Hospital

+98 -443-636-5662




Direct communication with the CEO

International Articles

  • Najafi-Nasab, Mirhojjat et al (2012) “Investigating the Relationship between Tourism industry and GDP in the Islamic Republic of Iran” International Review of Business Research. Australia. no.2, pp. 85-95.

  • Najafi-Nasab, Mirhojjat et al (2012) “Investigating the Relationship between the Tourism Industry and the GDP in the ECO countries, Sociology study journal. New York.

  • Najafi-Nasab, Mirhojjat et al (2012) “Investigating Effects of Tourism Industry on Iran’s Economic Growth Using Markov-Switching Method, Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research. Egypt.

  • Najafi-Nasab, Mirhojjat et al (2013) “Estimation of Foreign Tourism Demand in Australia with use of TVP Method”. Turkey. No 3. Volume 24. Anatolia Journal. 2012.

  • Najafi-Nasab, Mirhojjat et al (2017), " Investigation of Non-Linear Relationship between the Expenditures of Social Security Organization and Economic Growth in IRAN, International Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies, Volume 4, issue 1, Tunisia.

  • Najafi-Nasab, Mirhojjat et al (2018), "Evaluation of Factors Affecting Medical Tourism Development in Iran Using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Iranian Journal of Economic Studies, Shiraz, Under Referee.

  • Najafi-Nasab, Mirhojjat et al (2018), "Identifying and Prioritizing Strategies for Developing Medical Tourism in the Social Security Organization of Iran, Using SWOT-AHP Hybrid Method, Iranian Journal of Public Health, Tehran, Under Referee.

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